Impact PDF Reader

Impact PDF Reader lets you store thousands of PDF documents on your iPhone for viewing PDF documents while anywhere. It also provides the capability for storing thousands of PDF documents on the iPhone for easy access to all documents.

Impact PDF Reader also includes a built-in Wi-Fi web server for downloading or uploading documents from any local Mac or PC web browser with password protection. All you need to do is type in the given iPhone URL into your web browser, and you are instantly connected for viewing or transferring documents.

With Impact PDF Reader, you can experience the freedom of having instant access to thousands of important PDF documents right in your pocket.

Impact PDF Reader runs on both the iPhone and iPod touch.


- Advanced easy-to-use interface
- View multiple PDF documents at the same time
- PDF panel for quickly navigating to any PDF page
- PDF slideshow feature for quickly browsing all PDF pages
- Remembers the last viewed page for all PDF documents

- View multiple PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents at the same time
- View multiple JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF photos at the same time
- Ability to play MPEG4 videos (.mp4, .mov, .mpv, .3gp)
- Adjust the viewing font and size for any text document
- Adjust the saturation, luminosity, temperature, and color balance of any photo
- Automatically caches all opened documents for resuming at any time

- Presentation panel for viewing all photos
- Slideshow feature for presenting all photos
- Photo browsing using swipe gestures
- Favorites panel for quick access to any document
- Search text using the head-up display Find panel

- On-line user guide with step by step screenshots
- Concierge Service for technical support and new feature requests
- Download and upload PDF documents with the built-in Wi-Fi web server
- Easily switch between documents by sliding over the title bar
- Enter full screen mode by double tapping the title bar
- Loads large PDF documents with sizes up to 40,000 KB in a few seconds

- E-mail any plain text document instantly
- Works anywhere online or offline
- Works with all international text

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