Impact Wi-Fi HD 1.2

Impact Wi-Fi HD 1.2 lets you use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless hard drive which can be accessed by Wi-Fi from any local Mac or PC web browser with password protection.

All you need to do is type in the given iPhone URL into your web browser, and you are instantly connected for transferring files.

Impact Wi-Fi HD also lets you store thousands of PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and plain text files on your iPhone for viewing documents, articles, memos, outlines, papers, scripts, and speeches while anywhere.

With Impact Wi-Fi HD, you can experience the freedom of having instant access to thousands of important documents, articles, memos, papers, and notes right in your pocket.

Impact Wi-Fi HD 1.2 runs on both the iPhone and iPod touch.


- Advanced easy to use interface
- Download and upload documents from any local Wi-Fi connected web browser
- View multiple PDF, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents at the same time
- View multiple JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF photos at the same time
- Automatically caches all opened documents for resuming at any time

- Create an unlimited number of folders and subfolders
- Delete any folder or document by sliding over left to right
- Browse thousands of documents on the iPhone hard disk

- View documents in portrait or landscape mode
- Enter full screen mode by double tapping the title bar
- Easily switch between documents by sliding over the title bar
- E-mail any text document instantly

- Compress or rename a folder by tapping its icon
- Backup thousands of files with the built-in zip compression
- Upload hundreds of files at a time with zip uncompress

Included Sample Documents:

- Bill of Rights
- Sample Beach Photos
- Sample Excel Spreadsheet
- Sample PowerPoint Presentation
- Sample PDF Research Paper
- Sample Word Document

Included Sample Folders:

- Documents (Articles, Memos, Outlines, Papers, Scripts, Speeches)
- Bibliography (Anthology, Articles, Books, Dissertations, Interviews, Journals, Periodicals, Research Papers)
- Class Notes (Arts, Business, Economics, Education, Engineering, Government, History, Language, Law, Math, Medicine, Philosophy, Public Service, Science)
- Meeting Notes (Accounting, Board of Directors, Customer Service, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management, Marketing, Operations, Production, Public Relations, Purchasing, Research and Development, Sales)

Screen Shots