Exporting as CSV Text

1. Enter a SQL query for the CSV text you want to export.

2. Click on the top right corner to activate the Export button.

3. Click on the Export button, then choose a new CSV document name.

4. The query result will be exported as a CSV text document.

          1999,2,Ford Motor,144416.0,22071.0
          2000,5,General Electric,111630.0,10717.0
          2001,1,Exxon Mobil,210392.0,17720.0
          2001,5,General Electric,129853.0,12735.0
          2001,10,Verizon Communications,64707.0,11797.0
          2002,2,Exxon Mobil,191581.0,15320.0
          2002,6,General Electric,125913.0,13684.0

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