Text Editor - User Guide


Chapter 1: Getting Started

Editing a Text Document
Editing a Rich Text Document
Printing a Document
Previewing as PDF
Saving as PDF

Chapter 2: Editing the Title and Headers

Editing the Title
Deleting the Title
Adding the Title

Editing the Page Header
Deleting the Page Header
Adding the Page Header

Editing the Date Header
Deleting the Date Header
Adding the Date Header

Chapter 3: Changing the Font and Text Alignment

Changing the Font
Changing the Default Font
Changing the Text Alignment
Changing the Title Font
Changing the Default Title Font

Chapter 4: Editing the Page Number and Footers

Editing the Page Number
Deleting the Page Number
Adding the Page Number

Adding a Filename Footer
Editing a Filename Footer
Deleting a Filename Footer

Adding a Datetime Footer
Editing a Datetime Footer
Deleting a Datetime Footer

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save a copy of a document?
Choose "File" -> "Save As", and enter a new document name for the copy.

How do I switch between opened documents?
Click on the window title bar to switch between opened documents.

How do I enter full screen mode?
Click on the green button to enter full screen mode. Click again to return to normal mode.