Importing SQL Script

1. Create a SQL script, or export as SQL script from Oracle, MySQL, or other sources.

          CREATE TABLE business(year integer, rank integer, company varchar(25), revenue float, profit float);
          INSERT INTO "business" VALUES(2000,1,'General Motors',189058.0,6002.0);
          INSERT INTO "business" VALUES(2000,2,'Wal-Mart Stores',166809.0,5377.0);
          INSERT INTO "business" VALUES(2000,3,'Exxon Mobil',163881.0,7910.0);
          INSERT INTO "business" VALUES(2000,4,'Ford Motor',162558.0,7237.0);
          INSERT INTO "business" VALUES(2000,5,'General Electric',111630.0,10717.0);

2. Click on the top left corner to activate the Import button.

3. Click on the Import button, then choose a SQL script.

5. The SQL script will be executed to create a new table.

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