SQL Database Pro - User Guide


Chapter 1: Getting Started

Opening a Database
Viewing a Table
Sorting by a Column
Performing a Query

Chapter 2: Importing CSV Text and SQL Scripts

Importing CSV Text
Importing SQL Script

Chapter 3: Exporting as CSV, PDF, or SQL

Exporting as CSV Text
Exporting as PDF Document
Exporting as SQL Script

Chapter 4: Performing SQL Queries

Selecting Rows
Grouping Rows
Filtering Groups

Getting a Count
Getting a Total

Chapter 5: Creating and Updating Tables

Creating a Table
Creating with SQL

Adding a Row
Adding with SQL
Copying a Table

Updating a Row
Updating with SQL

Chapter 6: Deleting Rows and Tables

Deleting a Row
Deleting with SQL

Deleting a Table
Dropping a Table

Chapter 7: Auto Correction and Generation of SQL

Auto Correction of SQL
Auto Generation of SQL

Appendix A: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save a copy of a database?
Choose "File" -> "Save As", and enter a new database name for the copy.

How do I switch between opened databases?
Click on the window title bar to switch between opened databases.

How do I enter full screen mode?
Click on the green button to enter full screen mode. Click again to return to normal mode.