SwiftDraw User Guide


Chapter 1: Working with Images

Importing an Image
Resizing an Image
Zooming into an Image
Scaling the Image Content
Rotating the Image Content

Chapter 2: Working with Text

Adding a Text
Editing a Text
Changing the Font
Changing the Font Size

Chapter 3: Drawing Graphics

Drawing a Rectangle
Entering Exact Measurements
Changing the Corner Radius
Drawing an Ellipse

Drawing a Polygon
Changing the Polygon Shape
Changing to a Star Shape
Changing the Star Sharpness

Drawing a Line
Drawing a Curve
Drawing a Bézier Path
Changing the Line Width
Changing to a Dashed Line
Adding an Arrow

Chapter 4: Editing Graphics

Moving a Graphic
Resizing a Graphic
Rotating a Graphic
Scaling a Graphic
Deleting a Graphic

Changing the Fill Color
Filling with a Linear Gradient
Filling with a Radial Gradient
Filling with a Texture

Changing the Stroke Color
Changing the Stroke Width
Changing the Line Cap
Changing the Line Join

Chapter 5: Arranging Objects

Grouping Objects
Editing a Group
Scaling a Group
Smart Pasting a Group

Bringing Forward an Object
Bringing to Front an Object
Sending Backward an Object
Sending to Back an Object
Locking an Object

Chapter 6: Editing Images

Opening an Image
Copying an Image Area
Adding a Title
Drawing a Graphic
Smart Pasting a Graphic
Printing a Document
Exporting as PDF

Chapter 7: Working with Pages and Layers

Adding a New Page
Copying a Page
Copying Multiple Pages
Deleting a Page

Changing the Page Size
Changing the Icon Size
Changing the Image Size
Changing the Ad Size

Adding a New Layer
Copying a Layer
Hiding a Layer
Deleting a Layer

Chapter 8: Working with Grids and Rulers

Showing the Grid
Activating Snap to Grid
Showing the Ruler
Changing the Ruler Units

Chapter 9: Converting Text to Paths

Converting a Text into Characters
Converting a Character into a Path
Converting a Shape into a Path

Editing a Bézier Path
Smart Pasting a Path
Copying a Subpath
Deleting a Subpath

Chapter 10: Adjusting and Filtering Images

Adjusting the Saturation
Adjusting the Luminosity
Adjusting the Temperature
Adjusting the Color Balance

Adding a Black & White Filter
Adding a Sepia Image Filter
Adding a Tint Image Filter

Chapter 11: Working with Presentations

Playing a Presentation
Jumping Forward a Page
Jumping Back a Page
Jumping to a Page
Changing the Page Duration